Saturday, November 13, 2004

What Art to see in NYC : Fall 04

Wowie-zowie! Fall in NYC and the Art world is in full swing after a sleepy summer. It is like springtime for art in the autumn in nueva york.
Here is my "to do" list, check back to see reviews and postings related to this rejuvenating and refreshing encounter with the best in museums, galleries and off-beat locales not-just-for-locals.
My short-list (not in order of prominence or priority):
Frank Lloyd Wright: The Vertical Dimension @the Skyscraper Museum, through Jan. 9.
FLW designs for a "Mile-High Building"downtown. This new museum has been on my list, But FLW is a must-see anywhere, anytime.
Picasso-Beckman/Beckman-Picasso @Richard Feigen & Co. 34 E.69th St. through Jan. 31.
Ditto for Pablo and Max, two giants in a tete-a-tete.
The Aztec Empire @ the Guggenheim Museum through Feb. 15
Aztecs in "Wrights revenge?" Sounds corny but I've heard it works.
Romare Bearden @ the Whitney through Jan 9th. Also Isamu Noguchi through Jan. 16.
Two perrennial favs. at the uptown concrete bunker for difficult art during difficult times.
Josef and Anni Albers: Designs for Living @ the Cooper Hewitt through Feb. 9.
The Bauhaus is Dead! Long Live the Bauhaus!
There's a lot to "gosee" in the next two months (this is just the short list, long list to follow).
My taste is neatly encapsulated here with Picasso/Albers/Wright in the forefront and Bearden/Noguchi/Beckman as a backdrop. Did I fail to mention John Singer Sargent at the Brooklyn Museum of Art? So it goes...
PS-I'm reading Ada Louise Huxtable's elegant and emminent biography of Frank Lloyd Wright,
can't put it down yet I want to savor the fine writing and delicious story.

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