Thursday, November 25, 2004

MoMA is "All That"

It's definitely bigger and better, and more crowded. Of course there are crowds; people are excited to see their "old friends" Vincent, Henri, Pablo and Jackson again. Membership has its privledges: skip the lines and feel free to return whenever you feel like it for only $75. Another tip: don't bring an umbrella unless you like standing in long lines for mandatory check-in (another line I skipped since I got wet on the way it was a compensatory perk).

Walk, don't run to the refurbished MoMA.
There is a new reading room where you can browse through their offerings, like in Barnes and Noble. I discovered a new publication: "Frank Lloyd Wright The Interactive Portfolio" a must-have for me. This book inclubes many facsimile reproductions of drawings, plans, memoralbilia and correspondance. A great teaching tool.


The Kandinsky's never looked better. His four canvas Panels for Edwin R. Campbell No. 1, No. 2, No. 3,and
No. 4
of 1914 have pride of place. I have always looked at these paintings as abstract representation of the four seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

James Rosenquist"F-11" looks resplendent in a space that seems like it was made for it. Click on "full view" from this page to see an interesting view of this immense painting.

The view from all of the bridges in the upper floors of the immense atrium.

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