Sunday, November 21, 2004

Have you been to DIA Beacon? See the "enviro-architectural-envelopments of elemental and vertigo-inducing behemoths"

If you haven't been to the DIA Beacon yet, go. The Dia:Beacon is a museum for Dia Art Foundation's renowned collection of art from the 1960s to the present. With only a $10. admission fee (MoMA has set up a new paradigm where $10. is now a bargain) and a scant 50 mile ride up the east side of the Hudson River by train or auto from NYC, there is no excuse to not check it out. On a recent trip I was thrilled to see the torqued ellipses of Richard Serra in a space that is ample and complements the rich and varied surfaces of the rusted Cor-ten Steel plates that have become a signature aspect ot his work. Sculpture is too small a word for these enviro-architectural-envelopments of elemental and vertigo-inducing behemoths.
The DIA web site:
For Info. and directions
For someone else's humble opinion:
"The New Hudson River School"
Here's a good review by John Haberman, this site has plenty to whet your appetite for a day trip to DIA:Beacon.

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