Saturday, November 20, 2004

Best New Media art in NYC: "The Street"

That's right, a 6-minute animation by Lars Arrhenius "The Street" at Feigen Contemporary (535 West 20th St., Chelsea, through Dec.23rd) is absolutely the best new media work I've seen in quite some time. It is based on a simple premise:
"What if the blocky universal symbols for man and woman, like those designating public restrooms, had lives of their own?" -Roberta Smith, NYTimes
Go see this show if you like your art in an amusing yet thought-provoking form. Animation is not just for kids and the latest 3D Pixar project notwithstanding, this is a must-see. "The Street" can only be seen in one place and it's here, right now.
See it and keep those cards and letters coming.
Lars Arrhenius
C-prints by Lars

London Underground, also by Lars

Check it out, fresh and funky C-prints of the London tube.

Feigen Comtemporary site.
The Quicktime video doesn't do it justice, but that's all there is, so you have to get out the house and see the real deal.

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