Friday, November 26, 2004

Just a quick stop in Chelsea...

On my way to play some basketball at Chelsea Piers, I stopped by the Elizabeth Dee Gallery. I was annoyed by the cloying and simplistic images of Christoph Steinmeyer. On the other hand I admired the craft and wit of Chris Sauter. There is a full size four poster bed with a gash in the mattress that, on closer inspection, turns out to be a minature sort of Grand Canyon/Hoover Damesque diorama - weird as a beard, man.

This from the press release:
"Just Married, an installation by Chris Sauter in Gallery 2, will comprise a bed with a system of canyons carved into its foam mattress. Tiny dams, telephone poles, and electrical towers punctuate this Lilliputian expanse with the evidence of humanity’s presence."
545 WEST 20TH STREET. Until 12/18/04

After basketball, on the way back I peeked in at the Gagosian Gallery on 24th St. I was impressed with the sheer virtuosity of paint handling in the new work by Mark Tansey. From upclose these paintings are really loose and painterly yet the images coalesce into surprisingly realistic seas, rock faces and glaciers when viewed from across the gallery. The classic game of near/far that was perfected by Velasquez and the Impressionists is here given a fresh new shift. The images on the web really do not do these paintings any justice, They are huge paintings that need to be seen close up to really get a sense of their charms.
555 WEST 24TH STREET. Until 12/18/04

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