Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Losing sleep, Contagious Media ? Robert Slutzky Passes On

Not to beat a dead horse, but jsut like Giacomo and Aflleet Alex, our entry in the Contagious Media Showdown can not be counted out. Our site, Krooklyn (a work in progress) is moving up to # 47 overall (out of 85 total) and more importantly holding steady at #8 in the separate category of "Technorati".

Here's how you can help:
just link to Krooklyn on your blog, and we gain in the standings.

What's at stake here? Pride, bragging rights and a juicy check for a thousand skackeroos... not to shabby for a poor boy from Krooklyn.

On another note, the painter Robert Slutzky recently passed on. His paintings were in the great tradition of Mondrian’s New York City paintings; he will be missed .

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