Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Art of this Century: John F. Simon, Jr. @ Sandra Gering Gallery

Sandra Gering Gallery
"Endless Victory"

This exhibit of new work should be seen by anyone with an
appreciation and understanding of Mondrian. I often think of Mondrian as the first digital artist; in
Mondrian's mature paintings we have a binary approach to color (on/off) and a limited direction of line (either/or) and a reduction of the
visual stimulus to discrete blocks of “picture elements” (pixels).

John F. Simon Jr. has combined an amazing array of visual stimuli that builds on Mondrian's greatest New York City paintings: the Victory Boogie-Woogie and Broadway Boogie-Woogie. Mr. Simon creates an "Art of This Century" that is intelligent, witty, wry and compelling.

This show is open through May 28th.
534 West 22nd St., NYC
Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 6pm.
The exhibition will feature Endless Victory and Endless Bounty, two new editions in which John Simon expands both the content and presentation of his software art. By incorporating a wide range of media and programming styles in the software, Simon makes it possible to combine the central aspects of his artistic practice — coding and drawing. The screens that display the software are framed within elegant compositions of intricately cut and engraved Plexiglas. The first edition, Endless Victory, is inspired by Mondrian's unfinished painting of 1943/44, Victory Boogie-Woogie. Using traffic flow in New York City as a motif, Simon improvises on the endless merging, dividing, overtaking, turning, starting and stopping motions that surround him. This piece continues themes begun in Simon's earlier work, ComplexCity (2000).The second edition, Endless Bounty, emerges from the tension between Simon's urban lifestyle and his longing for nature. The software flips between the two ideals displaying maps, drawings, photographs and three-dimensional models in a continual effort to capture our gaze.

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