Friday, May 06, 2005

The ART World

The ART World
Art is defined in many different ways. But, it's best defined on a piece of paper. There are all different kinds of styles in art. In the early days people tried to master perfection in a face, a nature scene, and all other things around them. Now people are looking for style and creativity when people look at art. A popular art form that contains a lot of style is abstract art. This type of art is unique because it's a design that in many cases gives you a message, rather than art that is based on a real life picture. But, abstract is only one form of stylish art for art is stretched in so many different ways. People have even played around with the human face made it into more of a design. Art has never stopped changing and as I speak someone is creating new art forms.
Admiring other people's art is great, but in my opinion it's not at all as satisfying as creating your own masterpiece. Although, occasionally you run out of influences and you may have to look at other people's work. People make art f'or many different reasons. For example some art is supposed to make you feel relaxed (Matisse), some is to make you think (Picasso), and other artists make art only for their pure enjoyment (me).
The most interesting art that I recently came across was at the Drawing Center in Manhattan. The art was done on graph paper by a woman named Emma Kunz. She invented a method using the graph paper to make designs. That is my definition of art.
Alex D., age 12

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