Friday, May 27, 2005

Johns Reviewed in the NY Times

..."another round of seeming constipation and truculence."
-from today's NY Times Arts section. It's nice when the MSM (main steam media) agrees with us after the fact...

J.J. @ M.M.: A Little Disappointing

Jasper Johns is an indisputably important artist; one responsible for helping chart the way out of the Abstract Expressionist corner that painters found themselves in the late fifties. That said, his latest showing (his first showing of new work in eight years) is disappointing in that it consists of 30-odd variations on the same image; the serial technique (essentially variations of the same image) is a bit long in the tooth by now, in this case a catenary curve described by an actual hanging piece of string in some cases and a painted string in others.

-from NYC Arts, "I quote myself to myself."

As you all know by now, Contagious Media Showdown is a sort of "stupid web site" contest. We have an entry that has been picking up a little momentum as of late:
Please link to my site, we are serious contenders in the blog links category, thanks to y'all/
You hold the key to unlock this door
BTW, contest ends in 3 weeks...and we can go back to being just a plain old boring art blog.

Krooklyn, "Every Town has a little Krooklyn in it.

Stopped by to see the latest exhibit What Sound Does A Color Make? at EYEBEAM earlier today, it sounded more promising then it actually delivered, but this after a quick walk-through. I plan to go back and give it another shot; EYEBEAM has the spirit and the Moxie to be a real player in the NYC arts scene.

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