Monday, May 30, 2005

A Little Help From My Friends

The skinny, my friends: My entryKrooklyn is now in 6th Place and comin' on strong!
If you have a blog that links to this site, we gain in our quest for #1. We are in 6th place and hope to move up to fifth place with YOUR HELP.
You hold the key to unlock this door
BTW, contest ends in 2 weeks...

Krooklyn, "Every Blog has a little Krooklyn in it."

What will happen to NYC Arts in the off-season?
With the end of the art season and the summer doldrums approaching, NYC Arts will finish out the Contagious Media Showdown and go into slo-mo until the end of August...we may (or may not) be posting from down under at the Great Barrier Reef when the spirit moves us.

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neene said...

manhattan representin'
you're linked