Monday, October 09, 2006

Dylan@The Morgan Library

O. K. So I went to the Morgan Library, ostensibly to see the Bob Dylan show (somewhat of a bore, to tell the truth) but I was most impressed by the new addition designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano.
The space was bright and modern but not cold and austere like the new MoMA. The warmth was due in large effect to the use of an indoor tree, ample sky lights and light-colored wide planked wood flooring throughout.

Jeweled bookcover of the Lindau Gospels
The enameling technique know as 'champleve' in this exquisitely be-jewelled binding was impressive in the new gallery which is essentially a jewel box within the larger space.

"Basse Taille: French for “low cut.” A technique in which a pattern is created in the metal backing before enameling.

Champleve: French for “raised field” or “raised plain.” A technique in which enamel is inlaid into depressions in the metal, leaving metal exposed. The depressions are typically made by an etching process, although other methods exist. First done in the 3rd century AD by the Celts decorating their shields, this technique has been one of the favorite forms of enameling."

Art of Fine Enameling

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