Monday, February 07, 2005

Beckmann/Picasso at Feigen Gallery Extended

With the recent Matisse / Picasso and the Max Beckmann shows at MoMA Qeeens still fresh in our collective memory, this thoroughly engaging show turns out to be one of the highlights of this season.
Mythic in ambition and accomplishment, Beckmann shared with Picasso an interest in harlequins, acrobats and the theater in many signature works. Beckmann, of course, knew of the Spaniards work and this show presents many paintings and prints produced immediately before or during his stay in Paris in the late thirties.
Both Picasso and Beckmann backed away from pure abstraction and their images remained rooted in “the real”; even the most distorted of Picasso’s images always refer to something: woman’s head, a kiss, or a guitar.

“Works of art are objects of metamorphosis-like the gods.” – Andre Malraux, Picasso’s Mask, 1974. p.239

The pairing of these artists makes perfect sense and offers many reminders of the strength and vigor of both these titans. Proteus and Prometheus indeed as Jan Krugier put it so succinctly (the Jan Krugier Gallery is co-presenting the show with Richard Feigen). This show has been extended two weeks (until February 12th) and I was able to see it last week.

Read more about this show at Richard Feigen Gallery.

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