Sunday, January 30, 2005

More about Oli Shivonen

As it turns out, you can see more images by Oli Shivonen at the Canfield Gallery site. The more I see by this painter the more I am entranced and excited. Oli hailed from Brooklyn and the Canfield Gallery is in Santa Fe, so there is really a lot more here than meets the eye, although what meets the eye is absolutely right on.

OLI SIHVONEN (1921-1991)

An American exponent of the theories of German Bauhaus painting, Oli Sihvonen was born in Brooklyn of Finnish ancestry. Sihvonen began formal art education at the Norwich Connecticut Art School, then attended classes at the Art Students League in New York City. After WW II he studied at Black Mountain College with the painter Josef Albers, who had directed the Bauhaus school in Germany in the 1930s and was associated with the painters Klee and Kandinsky.

Don't forget to see the Josef and Anni Albers show "Designs for Living" at the Cooper Hewitt before it closes on Feb. 17th. I become a real fan of Bauhaus textiles in general and Anni Albers in particular. check back for a review of this show in the next week or so.

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