Friday, September 29, 2006

Picasso@Whitney / Klimt @ Neue Gallery

Hurry, Last Chance: I finally went to see the Klimt show at the Neue Gallery before it closes on October 9th. While the painting of Adele Bloch is indeed very fine, and fetched the highest price ever paid for a painting ($135 million clams!), I can think of many paintings by Picasso alone that are more important, arresting and valuable (mot to mention Matisse).

Michael Kimmelman Agrees: Johns is a Bore!

"Picasso-inspired works by Jasper Johns, that most hermetic and constipated of American masters. ... Johns doesn’t so much enthrone Picasso as repeatedly entomb him."

Michael Kimmelman in today's NY Times
As we reported a few days ago, Johns comes off looking tiresome and forced in this pairing of Picasso and a host of American artists. I still think this is a must-see show, with a great many worthy De kooning, Pollock, Gorky and yes, Max Weber paintings sharing the space with Pablo.

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