Thursday, April 20, 2006

Whitney Biennial First Pass / Calling Marcel

Went to the Whitney ("the uptown bunker for difficult art") to see the Biennial yesterday for a quick run through of the first two floors or so...first impresions: "it's a 70's thang" as much of the art reflected, refracted and re-hashed imagery, attitudes and music from the late-sixties adn early seventies. In itself, this is not a bad thing, I liked the Dylan cover, the Miles Davis painting and several other pieces in the show. I plan to go back again next week to see a little more.

I thoroughly enjoyed Sturtevant's "The Brutal Truth" a sort of 'homage a Duchamp' installation which is essentially a re-creation of an entire suite of works by Marcel lovingly re-created...
Speaking of Marcel...
Calling Marcel : Bringing together artists and opportunities.
Check this out, I certainly will as soon as I get a spare moment.

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