Saturday, June 11, 2005

Jim Nutt, Henry Darger et al @ Feigen Contemporary

An interesting mix of artists in the Life and Limb exhibit at Feigen Contemporary (535 West 20th St., Chelsea, through July 30th). With 26 artists in this show, it’s a mixed bag but there are enough quirky connections across media, decades, styles and genres to make for an interesting cocktail. My favorites here include the three early modern titans Max Beckman, James Ensor and George Grosz coupled with a few more contemporary nuts such as Jim Nutt and Henry Darger. This is a fun show for the summer doldrums.

Feigen Comtemporary site.

Lars Arrhenius
C-prints by Lars

London Underground, also by Lars

Check it out, fresh and funky C-prints of the London tube.
Lars has an interesting C-print in the Life and Limb show.

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