Monday, March 14, 2005

The Elusive Truth About Painting

More on Damien Hirst: as I surmised in an earlier blog his new "paintings" are really based on photographs which "others" "painted"... no wonder these images have no presence or soul.
This from today's NY Times article by Carol Vogel:
Still, he [Damien Hirst] doesn't consider himself a serious painter. "I would feel uncomfortable putting myself in a category with other painters like Goya or Bacon," he said. "I'm more interested in the images than the painting."...

He readily admits that, as in the case of many artists working today, while his hand is involved in every painting, some of his assistants - most of whom are trained artists - do some of the painting for him. "I have a great team," he said.

Is it too much to ask of an artist today to paint their own pictures? I admit some of the images have interest but in an unteresting way, I mean isn't Photorealism so last century, a seventies thing?

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