Friday, December 31, 2004

Roll Over Mondrian, Tell Kandinsky the News

Mondrian plus Pacman equals Pac-Mondrian!
Read all about it and play the game! KAZAM! An incredible blend of high and low, the sum is even greater than the parts. Too much? Just right.

Another Favorite Mondrian game:
We’re all artists on this bus.

There Are No Straight Lines: Noguchi@ The Whitney:

I finally got a chance to see the show of sculptures by Isamu Noguchi at The Whitney Museum. Most impressive were the room of his Kouros. These sculptures look like 3- dimensional personages taken straight out of the paintings of Yves Tanguy, especially when grouped together as they are in this show. Also seen at the Whitney: the Romare Bearden show, a stunner; a slow-moving, strange and surreal Video installation by Bill Viola. All-in-all a thoroughly stimulating array of exciting and varied art works at "the uptown bunker for difficult art."


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